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Col Jonathan W. Lartigue has been a senior member of Civil Air Patrol for nearly 15 years and has served at the squadron, wing, region, and national levels of CAP.  He is a level 1 incident commander, a mission pilot, and has taught for the Mission Aircrew School at the National Emergency Services Academy and at the Cadet Aviation Ground School.  He has served on many notable CAP missions including the responses for the Deepwater Horizon disaster and Hurricanes Michael, Florence, and Matthew.  In addition to his other duties, he currently serves on the national aerospace education staff as a STEM kit coordinator.

Col Lartigue holds Doctor of Philosophy and Masters degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering from Auburn University.  He has worked for much of his career in the defense and aerospace industries, was one of the world's first developers of mobile Apps, and has taught as an assistant professor of software engineering.  He is an FAA certified private pilot, remote pilot, advanced ground instructor, and instrument ground instructor.

You can contact Col Lartigue at JLartigue@iawg.cap.gov

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